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Remote sensing data collected by satellites offer a myriad of opportunities to monitor and measure changes in our earth’s environmental systems and man-made influences.  

CSS stands at the forefront of creating end-to-end system solutions through understanding the different satellite systems, capturing and sifting through the various data streams, and understanding their potential applications. 

CSS develops strategies to integrate satellite data with ground-based baseline studies, observe and understand changes and potential causes, to develop fundamental response, management and security issues. 

Our goals include identifying data and interpreting environmental intelligence for natural resource management, security and defense applications.

Services include: 

  • Data capture, validation, and integration, and exploration
  • Data Visualization and analytics 
  • Advanced algorithms for predictive modelling 
  • Design of user-focused data access tools and applications 

Related Projects

Ecologically Sound Offshore Wind Development

CSS helps set the standards for suitability modeling for offshore wind development, and assists in meeting regulatory standards for environmental resource protection.

Predictive Modeling and the HABTracker

CSS scientists helped develop HABTracker, a HAB Forecast system.

Real-time HABs Detection and Modeling

We develop and deploy the sensors and monitor in real-time, HABs activities to support immediate response.

Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs)

We provide site-specific in situ monitoring coupled with predictive modeling, to provide an early warning system to advise health officials and resource managers on how to best focus their efforts to protect health and environment.

HABs Interagency Research and Action Plans

Our scientists helped set the standard for coordinated research and action to reduce the impacts of HABs.

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