Transportation Safety & Security


Security Assessment and Risk Management

The events of 9/11 raised the awareness of many sectors of the transportation community of the risk associated with terrorist activities. As a consequence, CSS developed guidance materials on how to harden Truck Renting and Leasing Association (TRALA) operations against this new threat. The guidance materials identified specific threats unique to the truck renting and leasing industry and its members, provided a plan detailing the proper response to security threats, and identified resources available to industry members. This same effort was also completed for both the nation's public school transportation systems and the motor coach industry. In a simple and easy to understand format, CSS provides all groups with instruction on the terrorist work patterns associated with target selection, surveillance, rehearsal, and eventually attack. The various segments of the industry were provided guidance (including field and table top exercises) on how to detect threats and on recovery and continuity of operations should attacks occur.