Environmental, Safety & Health

National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Compliance Support

CSS has provided numerous agencies with comprehensive NEPA compliance support services. We have assembled integrated teams of technical, environmental, regulatory, and community involvement specialists to meet the NEPA compliance needs of DoD, NASA, EPA, BLM, DOE, CDC, and USDA. We have also served as a Call-In Clearinghouse for NEPA-related questions and developed Desk Guides to the NEPA process for GSA. We performed reviews of NEPA documents prepared by others; worked with the Council for Environmental Quality (CEQ) to prepare information guidance to improve the conduct of cumulative effect analyses in NEPA documents; and supported its Office of Federal Activities to incorporate the consideration of biodiversity and habitat evaluations in the NEPA process. Our experience in preparing NEPA documents on complex site-specific projects covers a wide variety of subjects and locations, including the following examples of high-profile Environmental Impact Statements (EISs):