Cross-Cutting Support Services

Life Sciences Data Archive (LSDA)

CSS provided technical support for NASA's Life Sciences Data Archive (LSDA), which contains information and data from space flight experiments funded by NASA. These experiments include microbial, human, animal, and plant studies. The LSDA captures and stores life sciences data via an interactive website from more than 900 experiments conducted since 1961. It is intended to be the data repository for future NASA life sciences experiments aboard the International Space Station. The targeted audience for the LSDA website includes scientists, teachers, and the general space enthusiast. Using the specially designed web interface, internal and external users can search for information about experiments, missions, flight hardware items, personnel, and documents; data sets and associated data collection timetables; and tissues available for research under NASA's biospecimens sharing program originally coordinated by CSS. Our information technology specialists developed the database engine and designed the website to meet Federal 508 compliance. In addition to populating the database, we created a tool to allow a limited pool of workers from other NASA facilities to add information about experiment hardware and other payload information. All information is secured using processes and privileges to maintain the integrity of the data.