Environmental, Safety & Health

Two guys working the MazMart Management AssistanceHazMart Management Assistance

U.S. Army Directorate of Safety, Health and Environment (DSHE), Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG), Maryland.

CSS developed and implemented a HazMart as a critical element of APG's hazardous material (HM) management system. CSS employees barcoded incoming material; performed inventory validation inspections; maintained a centralized material safety data sheet (MSDS) library; validated MSDSs; maintained reference data; developed and operated the installation's Hazardous Inventory Tracking System (HITS), and completed all of the installation's EPCRA Tier II and TRI reports. We also developed and completed all updates to the HITS software. This approach maintained real-time HM inventories; identified HM users and locations; determined industrial and research processes; updated and populated centralized environmental, safety, and fire protection reference and logistics databases; operated the installation HM pharmacy; and provided user training, including all related user/systems administration reference materials. CSS developed the Standard Operating Procedure for HazMart as well as the standardized hazardous materials tracking system used by all garrison and tenant activities on the installation.