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Automated Utility Database Reporting and Information System (AUDRIS)

AUDRIS is an energy management information system designed to track and provide energy resource demand status and to analyze energy costs in large industrial complexes. CSS developed this tool for NASA, Kennedy Space Center (KSC), in order to assist with a monthly Energy Utilization and Consumption Report (EUCR) with the capability to track and report all KSC energy utility usage and associated costs. AUDRIS has the following features:

AUDRIS also generates summary reports that aggregate energy usage and cost by “Goal Categories” (e.g., Mission Variable), contract or contractor, physical area, and direct charge accounts. CSS developed a web-based front-end application to allow users access to all reports through a browser. Our web design allows users to drill down to retrieve more detailed information (such as actual meter consumption values comprising reported results). Users also may calculate energy cost and usage by square foot to compare the efficiency of each facility. Each facility is given an Energy Utilization Index (EUI) to permit comparison to other facilities and to track monthly rates. All of these data are now available to a broad spectrum of KSC users who are involved in energy conservation, building modifications, and in green building initiatives.