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Trailways Announces Safety Partnership with CSS-Dynamac

March 8, 2016

Its goal: "the best, most effective safety program in the industry"

Fairfax, VA - March 8, 2016 -- Trailways Transportation System, Inc. (Trailways), has forged a partnership with Consolidated Safety Services - Dynamac (CSS-Dynamac) to provide Trailways' team of affiliated motor carriers with a "full-circle" program encompassing safety on the road and in the workplace.

Jolanda Janczewski, PhD, MPH, Chair of the Board and co-founder of CSS-Dynamac, stated, "Trailways is really on the cutting edge of looking at the whole safety spectrum for their business, recognizing that safety is bigger than just the transportation arena, that it includes occupational and environmental safety. We'll help Trailways to develop programs and venues for information exchange. We'll work with their safety committee. We'll help them understand current safety issues and standards. Safety is at the core of our business at CSS-Dynamac, and we are a technical business. So, we're thrilled to bring that technical expertise to Trailways."

"We're going to make sure that everybody under the Trailways umbrella meets a standard of safety excellence," Janczewski said. "The benefit is that all of the motor carriers under the Trailways brand will be able to say, 'We are meeting the highest safety standard.'"

Brad Watkins, CSS-Dynamac Program Manager, elaborated, "Our goal is to assist Trailways in developing and enhancing their network's overall safety culture, not just in transportation safety but also workplace safety and health. This is the first time We've had a contractual agreement to provide this kind of consulting, not only to a private-sector network like Trailways, as a whole, but also to the individual companies within it."

"All of the Trailways companies are respectable companies that work hard to make safety an important component of their operations," Watkins added. "We'll work with their safety experts to assist them, guide them and provide whatever expertise they need to bolster their safety programs. We'll help them to make sure that they have the best, most effective safety program in the industry."

"Trailways couldn't ask for a better partner than CSS-Dynamac in making top-notch safety program development, assessment, compliance and training expertise and support services available to the independently operated companies affiliated with our Trailways network," said Ron Moore, Trailways Chairman and President of Burlington Trailways. "By funding this comprehensive safety program as a new benefit for our affiliated motorcoach operators, we are underscoring our commitment to our most important core value -- safety comes first and foremost for Trailways. That's been our philosophy for 80 years, and it always will be."

CSS-Dynamac's initial project in the new partnership will be to update the Trailways network's safety manual. "We may take examples from Trailways operators' safety programs that are working well and begin to develop them into standards," Watkins said. "It will be important to use a lot of the well-established, successful programs that are already implemented. The need is for consistency to ensure that everybody is doing things the same way. That provides a structure which everyone is familiar with and helps to reduce the risk of not doing things consistently."

Watkins noted that "part of our goal is to help companies understand the economic value of safety programs." Though not directly generating revenue, he explained, safety programs prevent revenue loss due to injuries and property damage. They also protect a company's reputation, which once lost can have a devastating impact on the bottom line.

Founded in 1988, CSS-Dynamac has built a reputation as a leader in the design and implementation of reliable transportation safety assessments as well as Environmental, Safety and Health services, providing these services to government, academic and private-sector organizations. For more than 20 years, it has been recognized as the nation's leading provider of motor carrier safety assessments for ground transportation systems.

"Our mission is to apply science and technology to create a healthier, safer and environmentally sustainable future," explained Janczewski. "We understand how to integrate environmental, safety and health policies and services across entire organizations and work sites to create more effective and efficient outcomes. We bring proven management tools, lessons learned and best practices from decades of experience to help our clients minimize risks and to comply with regulations and policies."

For the federal sector, CSS-Dynamac has served as prime contractor for more than 20 agencies and has supported every Cabinet-level department of the U.S. government. Among its clients are the Departments of Defense, Transportation, Homeland Security, and Health and Human Services as well as the Environmental Protection Agency.

For the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, CSS-Dynamac has conducted more than 20,000 safety audits of motor carriers and has developed a "Safety Is Good Business" tool kit of educational materials to advise unregistered motor carriers of the need for regulatory compliance. For the Defense Travel Management Office, it has conducted more than 7,000 compliance reviews and more than 15,000 commercial motor vehicle inspections to ensure that safety controls are present and operating effectively for carriers transporting military personnel.

CSS-Dynamac also provides industrial hygiene testing and monitoring for the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. It supports the U.S. Army Public Health Command by conducting industrial hygiene baseline surveys, data collection, evaluation and database training. CSS-Dynamac helps to protect Army personnel by conducting workplace assessments of workshops to identify potential health hazards and to provide recommendations for hazard control.

"With such an experienced partner as CSS-Dynamac," Trailways Chairman Moore said, "I am confident that as this partnership evolves, Team Trailways will gain tremendous value in many different aspects of safety and will continue to give peace of mind to the passengers entrusted to us while they travel."

Trailways Transportation System, Inc. (Trailways), consists of independently owned and operated motorcoach companies located throughout North America and Europe. Each company adheres to the highest safety standards required by the US Department of Defense (DOD), or, its country's equivalent. Drivers within the Trailways network operate a wide variety of more than 12,000 passenger transportation vehicles.

In the US, all Trailways companies are registered with the Department of Transportation (DOT) and are regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Trailways drivers and potential drivers undergo background checks and are highly trained and certified. Trailways employees receive training or technical education such as driver training, customer care, defensive driving, vehicle maintenance, workshop practice, transport management and security awareness.