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Dr. Michael Roberts will present his research results at the ISLSWG in Osaka, Japan

April 10, 2013

CSS's Chief Scientist, Dr. Michael Roberts, will be presenting his research results at the International Space Life Sciences Working Group (ISLSWG), 8th International Workshop on Space Microbiology in Osaka, Japan on May 20th and 21st.

During the workshop, Dr. Roberts will share data and concepts for microbiological sampling of the space environment and learn from NASA colleagues and international partners on the International Space Station about important developments in the microbiology of space. He will also share with assembled experts the contributions that Kennedy Space Center (KSC) makes to the advancement of microbiological research on the International Space Station (ISS) and its ability to support future science campaigns. As one of the NASA field centers managing the development of flight hardware for support of biological experiments and a lead center for bioregenerative/advanced life support and closed system agriculture, KSC is uniquely positioned to provide expertise, guidance, and support for future microbiological investigations identified in the National Research Council's Decadal Survey as critical path research. KSC researchers lead the agency in published research on plant and microbiological areas of advanced life support (i.e., air revitalization, food production, solid waste stabilization, and water recovery), and support the development and testing of technologies for microbial control and monitoring in spacecraft potable water systems, including the development and testing of advanced microbial monitoring technology for ISS and flight testing of the forward osmosis bag water purification system.