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Dynamac Employees Recognized for Excellence by Fort Hood Garrison Commander

May 2006

Congratulations to two Dynamac employees who have been recognized with “Garrison Commander’s Coins” for excellence in their service to the Army at Fort Hood, TX under our Environmental Services Advisory Support Contract. Recognition of these two employees, Amber Preston and Christine Luciano, continues a tradition of excellence exemplified by the Dynamac Fort Hood Team, adding to several “Hood Hero” and “Employee of the Quarter” awards received by our team members over the past two years.Garrison Commander’s Coins are given to reward outstanding performance of individual soldiers and military units, or as honorary awards to non-Department of Army (DA) employees for accomplishments or services that significantly assist or support Army functions.

Amber Preston, Dynamac’s Lead National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Specialist for the Directorate of Public Works-Environmental Division at Fort Hood, received the Garrison Commander’s Coin for her participation on the Process Action Team (PAT) at Fort Hood. The PAT’s purpose was to enable joint/combined training and power projection of mission-ready forces.As a member of the PAT, Preston participated in developing strategic objectives and matrices to improve training and power projection, ensuring that Fort Hood would be the soldier's and unit's choice for training, deployment, and redeployment.

Christine Luciano, Dynamac’s Outreach Coordinator for the Directorate of Public Works-Environmental Division at Fort Hood also received the Garrison Commander’s Coin for her interview of Colonel Victoria Bruzese at the quarterly Garrison Awards Ceremony. Luciano used the interview to write an article for the Fort Hood Sentinel titled, “DPW Recognized for Supporting Kosovo Mission.”