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Dynamac Awarded U.S. Air Force Contract

May 2006

We are pleased to announce that the U.S. Air Force awarded Dynamac a two-year, $386,000 contract to provide support to the U.S. Army Hazardous Material Management Program (HMMP) at the Army Garrison, Sagami General Depot in Honshu, Japan and Torii Station in Okinawa, Japan. This support will include providing Application Database Management and functional user support at both locations. This support will allow Dynamac staff to assist in the implementation of the Hazardous Substance Management System (HSMS) component of the HMMP. HSMS is the Department of Defense’s automated tracking system designed to provide “cradle to grave” tracking for hazardous materials and hazardous waste, as well as the chemical constituents of those materials. This award extends our long history of supporting the Army in developing and fielding HSMS worldwide. In fact, Dynamac staff wrote much of the original software code for HSMS under previous contracts.The award of this contract also positions Dynamac for other upcoming contracting opportunities in the region. Rick Gomez, who has had previous HSMS management experience as a Dynamac employee in Korea and Japan, will be the on-site Project Manager.