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Dynamac Staff In The Media

February 2006

Congratulations are in order for Dynamac's ecological team at Kennedy Space Center (KSC). On February 1, iParenting Media announced the winners of their Best Products of 2006. According to Alvin All, Chief Executive Officer of iParenting Media, “Our Best Products Call for Entry resulted in a group of superior products earning the iParenting Media Award because they exceeded the high evaluation standards we set.” NASA SCI Files„¢, Case of the Zany Animal Antics produced by the NASA Center for Distance Learning is among the products honored this year. This episode showcased the research and careers of four Dynamac scientists at KSC: Becky Bolt, Mario Mota, David Breininger, and Doug Scheidt.

NASA SCI Files is an educational television show for children. Each episode contains tree house detectives (pre-teens) that answer questions about a particular topic. Animals were the topic for this episode when two tree house detectives encounter an injured bird while on an airboat ride in Orlando, Florida. Determined to learn more about animals and how to help and protect them, the tree house detectives decide to visit NASA Kennedy Space Center to meet Becky Bolt, a wildlife ecologist. Becky describes five classes of vertebrates and explains why it is important for NASA to monitor the animals at KSC; she even introduces the girls to a corn snake! While at KSC, the detectives also stop by to see Mario Mota, a wildlife biologist who monitors the sea turtle population. Mario helps the tree house detectives understand animals’ basic needs and the intricacy of the food chain and web. Dave Breininger, a wildlife ecologist studying and monitoring the endangered scrub jays at KSC, helps the detectives understand habitats and how both nature and man can affect them. Later, the tree house detectives dial up Doug Scheidt, the aquatics program lead at KSC, to learn more about endangered animals. Doug explains the levels of endangerment and various factors that can cause a species to become threatened or even extinct.