What is ESOP?

An Employee Stock Ownership Plan or ESOP is a way for employees to become part owners in the company for which they work. Our employee owners receive cash contributions or shares of company stock in their ESOP account, based on their compensation. The benefit each employee ultimately receives from the ESOP depends both on the company's success and on each employee's length of employment with CSS. Our six year vesting schedule is designed to reward long-term company employment.

Why Have an ESOP?

CSS believes those who contribute their energies to the company should benefit directly from its success. Our "employee ownership plan" is designed to:

How Much Does It Cost?

IT'S FREE! Employees are not required to make any monetary contributions. The vast majority of employees are eligible to participate within six months and enrollment takes no time at all. Being a participant allows employees to share in the growth of our company, to gain a beneficial interest in CSS stock, and to accumulate funds for retirement.

We note that our plan is a tax qualified benefit plan and any growth in its value is tax-deferred until retirement.